Why Online Tuition works better?

Choosing a tutor is a big decision. It involves bringing someone new into your life or home to help you achieve the goals that are important to you and your child. In addition to finding a tutor who is the right fit, you will need to decide how to engage with them – in-person, or more commonly now, online. The current pandemic has made it challenging and perhaps even unsafe to meet in person.

What is online tuition? How much does it differ from in-person tuition – does it even compare?

Online tuition can take place through web-based video call platforms such as Skype or Zoom whilst sharing documents through external software.

OTAK is an innovative one stop solution for Tutors and students in Malaysia.  Tutors and students use the OTAK Whiteboard specially designed for online tutoring. They can share notes, annotate, bring up last lesson’s notes and save current lesson on the interactive Whiteboard. Tutors and students can work together in real-time. Tutors and students can use the features on the OTAK Whiteboard to engage with each other without the need to leave the comfort and safety of their own homes. The ability for students to remain in an environment where they are relaxed with easy access to all of their books and study materials can considerably enhance the learning process. OTAK also provides features for class booking, feedback, payments, Parent Mobile app and more. Let’s not forget that working with online technologies is an incredibly important skill to develop for the future.

The biggest benefit of online tuition for both student and Tutor is the time saved. Not needing to spend valuable time travelling to and from an agreed location, students and their parent driver will have more time to do the things they need and want to do. This also allows more flexibility around the scheduling of lesson times. Online tuition is a convenient approach to learning for everyone involved.

The key advantage of online tuition is its ability to give everyone access to quality tutoring. There are many students who live in remote areas, making it difficult or impossible to find a tutor who will travel to them. Online tutoring ensures that distance will no longer hinder the learning process: if you can access Wi-Fi, you can access a quality tutor anywhere in Malaysia.

Online tuition isn’t that different from in-person tutoring. Tutors and students still communicate in real-time and can easily discuss and work through whatever the student needs. Students do need to be organised for online tuition and ensure they can share their work with a tutor digitally; a great skill to develop. If students send their tutors the work they would like to go over in their session ahead of time, the tutor will come to sessions well-prepared, leading to more productive and well-organised learning experience.

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