Parenting in the time of COVID – Juggling Remote Learning with Working from Home

At the start of this pandemic, schools shut down, children were sent home to learn remotely and many parents had to work from home.  In the beginning the whole experience was a novelty as parents and their children could spend more time together, not rushing to have breakfast before the daily commute to school and work.  Parents looked forward to the time when they believed life would return to normal.

What we thought was going to be a short-term problem in 2020 would drag into 2021 and beyond.   Working parents are struggling to figure out how to juggle remote learning and full-time jobs.

As a working parent, I worried about my ability to keep everything running smoothly without neglecting my children, their school work as well as my work responsibilities and deadlines. But I am not alone!

More than half, 54%, of working parents say they feel guilty that they can’t fully care for their children, while 43% report feeling guilty when they’re caring for their families because they’re not focusing on their work responsibilities, according to Catalyst’s recent survey, “The Impact of Covid-19 on Working Parents.”

I felt like I was constantly failing at one thing or the other. I felt that I was either doing a bad job at work or a bad job of parenting.

It has been hard to maintain a sense of my personal value and self-worth when the two cornerstones of my identity — my career and being a parent — feel like they have massive cracks running through their foundation.

I knew I had to get help as I was struggling to do it all especially trying to help my children keep up with their school work.  It can be really challenging to teach your children when you have been cooped up together for weeks on end.  Tempers fly, tantrums erupt.  I am so grateful I found wonderful Tutors who are now supporting the educational needs of my children whilst I focus on my work.  At the end of each day, we come together to spend time happily as a family again!

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