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The Role of Online Tutors

Technology has elevated many aspects of life, and it is used in education. Modern technology has made tutoring outside the classroom more streamlined. It has …

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How to Deal with Your Child’s Exam Stress

For a lot of children, examinations can give them nightmares because they fear that their parents will be disappointed and blame them if they do …

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How to Improve Your Success as an Online Tutor

In any form of online learning, it is important to humanise the relationship you have with your students. While the tutors who are new to …

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How to Get the Right Tech Setup for Online Tutoring

As an Online Tutor with OTAK Tuition, you are aware that you need a reliable desktop or laptop and fast internet for teaching online. But, …

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Why Online Tuition is the Future of Personalised Learning

Online tuition has become a way for children, teenagers and even adults to pursue their learning. In today’s climate, a lot of children are being …

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The Best Advice for Online Tutors

OTAK Tuition is used by many experienced and sought after online tutors to promote their tutoring services to students and parents in Malaysia. If you …

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