We are Taking Tutoring and Training in Malaysia to The Next Level

High Quality Education for every Student

Every student deserves easy access to the best standard of education

Providing a link between Education and the Environment

Creating fun and sustainable tools to develop more environmentally responsible citizens


Reasonably priced fees enable parents to choose and provide the best possible education for their children.

Education Revolution

Online learning allows borderless knowledge transfer to students all across the country whilst lowering carbon footprint.

Time and Cost Management

Online learning saves both Tutors and Students time on travelling to class, as learning can happen on demand

Teaching Efficiently

The well-being of tutors is improved as they can work from the comforts of their home

Internet of Things in Education

A system to manage, monitor and integrate tutoring services is fundamental to accelerating 21st-century education

Optimising Screen Time

Students of the digital era thrive as they have greater access to learning and resources

Innovative Online Face-To-Face Tutoring Platform

Create an online tutoring platform that brings professional tutors to the screens of students’ laptops, desktops and tablets so they don’t lose the vital human interaction in the pursuit of online learning.

Mobile Feedback Reporting System

Monitor students’ progress and provide Daily-After-Class Feedback to parents, so they can always stay informed and have peace of mind

Professional Tutors

A large pool of highly qualified tutors in our virtual classrooms who have successfully passed our stringent screening criteria

One-Stop Center

The OTAK Platform caters to all curriculum including Malaysian Kebangsaan, Cambridge, Pre-University and English Literacy Needs. It is an effective platform for teachers, trainers and professionals to collaborate and market their Seminars and Learning resources.