How to Deal with Your Child’s Exam Stress

For a lot of children, examinations can give them nightmares because they fear that their parents will be disappointed and blame them if they do badly. With this pressure, stress becomes more common amongst young children.

Exam time puts the entire household on edge. Parents worry about the performance of their children, how little they study and how their performance will impact the future.

The good thing is that there are several strategies that you can use to cope with your child’s exam stress. Aside from hiring an Online Tutor, you can apply other coping skills.

Read this article to learn more about coping with your child’s stress.

Do Not Add More Stress

The main relief for anyone under a lot of stress is to lessen the workload or the burden of their stress. Children have less experience when it comes to dealing with stressful situations and they might not be familiar with managing or adequately expressing their burden. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be aware if your child is under too much pressure.

Parents should try to have realistic expectations and avoid giving their children more stress. You should assure and encourage your children. Let them know that it is normal to be nervous and teach them to stay composed and focused during stressful times.

Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

It is important for them to get enough sleep to perform well in school, especially during exam time. 9 out of 10 children use their devices before bed even during exam time. When teens spend their evening studying, they normally want to use social media before bed to catch up on what they missed. This affects the quality and duration of their sleep. They will end up being too tired before exams. It is recommended to ban devices in the bedroom or turn off the internet before bedtime.

Talk to Your Children

Ask them how they are feeling, are they on track and if their action plan is working. Find out if they are relaxed and talk to them to know how they are feeling physically and mentally. This care makes them feel more supported.  It gives them more motivation and a sense of belonging. You might inadvertently cause more stress when you push them to work harder instead of encouraging them.

Help Them Come up with a Study Schedule

You must not try to create a schedule and expect your child to follow it. The best thing is to allow your child to draw up a schedule of their own.  Assist them or provide them with the right tools and structure.

Externally imposing restrictions and rules will only add to the pressure they are already feeling. You can ask them when they want to schedule their personal one to one Online Tuition to support their learning and revision. The schedule should feel natural and comfortable to them. Your child should have the freedom to choose their own hours to study and revise.

These are the best tips to help your child cope with exam stress.

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