Why Online Tuition is the Future of Personalised Learning

Online tuition has become a way for children, teenagers and even adults to pursue their learning. In today’s climate, a lot of children are being home schooled and enhancing their learning at home. The option to have in person classes is no longer the first choice. Online tuition is a combination of one-on-one lessons with an experienced tutor with personalised feedback to give students real-time results.

A lot of parents and students opted for OTAK Online Tuition because of the pandemic but they are now happily continuing with their Online Tuition due to convenience, safety, and accessibility.

Here are the reasons why Online Tuition is the future of personalised learning:

It Fits Every Child’s Needs

OTAK’s Online tuition is a real time interaction that is done face-to-face and not pre-recorded. Tutors are able to tailor fit their approaches and teaching style based on each child’s needs and learning preferences. The tutor can customize lessons and activities and overcome learning obstacles as well. This way, the student can understand their lessons easily and gain the motivation to study.

In addition, learners can move through their lesson as their own pace.


There is convenience when you have power in your hands. Online tuition lets you choose dates and times which fit your schedule, with the option to work from anywhere. This is useful if you have a certain revision plan and just want to have a particular time slot to fit your tuition class.  OTAK Tuition gives you this flexibility and power with so many experienced tutors from all over Malaysia to choose from.  There is no need to commute to a classroom.  This means you will have more time to learn and there will be less distractions and procrastinating.

Helps with Educational Gaps

Historically, only the students with time, proximity, and means had the privilege to access a one-on-one guidance. However, with modern tuition platforms like OTAK Tuition, it makes it easy for a lot of students to get the help they require with the educational gaps that they are experiencing.

Technology innovation meets the new education standards in online platforms.  OTAK’s mission to offer learning opportunities to students who might not have previously been able to get the help they needed.

Better Grades

A one-to-one interaction with the tutor increases the motivation of students. It keeps them more engaged and accountable. Tutors can monitor their progress to ensure that students excel in their academic life and exams. This is great in improving individual grades because lessons are tailored to the specific areas they are weak in. Online tutoring will also increase their sense of responsibility because they will be more accountable to their personal tutors.

These are the reasons why OTAK Online Tuition is a part of the future of personalised learning.

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