Guiding your child at a young age may just make all the difference to their educational journey. Maybe your child just needs to learn how to approach a math problem or improve reading and writing skills to gain confidence in school. Or it could be time management or revision tips? Getting that little bit of extra help at an early stage could make all the difference. Give your child a head start!
How do you know if your child needs tuition?

Here are some signs to look out for.

1. Trouble getting your child to go to school.
Most children enjoy school, especially in primary school. Your child will not enjoy school if they are not coping. They will feel insecure and lack confidence if they are struggling at school. It is important to address this reluctance early and offer your child extra coaching to cope with school work to boost their confidence.

2. Refusal to do homework.
No one enjoys homework but children usually get it done so they can do other fun things. Have you noticed that your child is not able to finish the work and gets frustrated easily? Is your child struggling with reading or learning to spell? Homework is a good indicator of how your child is coping at school.

3. Slow progress at school.
You may have picked up through parent/teacher interviews that your child is struggling in class. Report cards could be coming home with comments like ‘could do better’ or ‘struggles to concentrate’ and other indicators that your child is not doing so well.

4. Reluctance to show test/exam results.
Report cards and test marks are an accurate way of assessing how your child is doing at school. If you are concerned that your child is hiding their results then you need to schedule an appointment with the teacher. Discuss the problem with your child and teacher to ascertain the extent of the issue. It will give you a better idea of how to resolve this situation.

5. Being disorganised or forgetful.
Children can be a bit untidy, but always being disorganised or forgetting things may be signs of something more. Disorganisation may be a delay tactic to avoid going to school. It could be due to a lack of concentration and the ability to focus. Teach your child organisational skills early on to help them thrive in school and later in life. Time management and focus on a task is an important life skill.

6. Lack of confidence or anxiety.
Lack of confidence and worrying about getting the answer wrong can affect your child’s performance at school. The signs of anxiety may be covering a weakness in a certain subject at school. Poor reading skills can affect other aspects of your child’s schoolwork.

This could give your child deep feelings of insecurity or lack of confidence as they are unable to follow instructions or read text required for comprehension. Finding a tutor who can help improve reading skills may be all your child needs to boost their confidence at school and reduce performance anxiety.

7. Learning disabilities.
Tuition is also beneficial for children who have been diagnosed with a learning disorder, such as ADHD, dyslexia, or a visual processing problem. Children with learning disabilities often have to work harder than their peers to stay on the same academic track. Fortunately, there are tutors who are experienced in teaching children with disabilities, and they can give these children the time and attention needed to master subjects and establish study habits with 1:1 tuition. A specialised tutor can present information in a way that’s easier for a child with a learning disability to understand, which can then make school less difficult and more enjoyable.

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Children who are not able to keep up with their school work, or the pressure of homework, may become very worried about their performance at school. A little extra tuition in the right areas will make all the difference. It will encourage your child to try harder at school knowing they have that extra help.

A little boost of morale and some extra tuition could make all the difference. Give your child a head start with 1:1 Online Tuition from the comforts and safety of your own home to cater for their individual needs!

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