Give your Child A Head Start – begin Tuition Early in the Year

The school year is coming to an end and the new year is around the corner.  Students will be excited to enjoy the well-deserved holidays but many parents will already be getting apprehensive of what is ahead – planning and preparing for new classes, subjects and teachers in school.  So many changes and challenges ahead to navigate. So many questions, what help will my child need, what books to get, where to find the best tutors, online or face to face, 1 : 1 or group classes, costs and so much more!

Offering the best education to your children requires preparation and planning.  Getting a tutor from the very start can help smoothen the transition to higher levels and new subjects to ensure your child’s success in the new school year.

6 Reasons to Start Tuition Early

  1. Personalised Learning

Every student has their own individual style of learning which they respond best to. Whether in group classes or 1 : 1 private classes. A good tutor will tailor classes according to your child’s needs and specific learning styles by modifying their teaching methods and pace to suit your child’s learning speed. 1 : 1 tutoring will be more interactive and effective.

2. Secure the Best Tutors

Good tutors are always in demand.  You will need to book them early in the school year or even the year before. Once their slots are full, your child will miss out. Children who thrive in school have extra support throughout the year, not just before the exams. You can browse Find Tutor on your OTAK dashboard to find the perfect match for your child.

3. Fill in Gaps and Weakness

Your child might love history and fear Maths, but the school system needs them to be equally proficient at both. A fixed amount of time per topic and subject is allocated in school. If your child struggles to grasp the concept, the class moves on and they will fall behind. Whereas a tutor can spend time to explain it in detail to ensure that your child has really understood the concept.  This will help them to be on track, be ahead and even excel in school, boosting their self-confidence to strive even higher.

4. Cultivate Good Learning Habits and Time Management Skills

A good Tutor can help bring structure to your child’s daily routine, especially when you are struggling to balance work and family.  Your child can easily lose track of their day without a supervisor. They might give up daily practice or revision after the first month of school despite the best laid out plans. Assignments and homework will begin to pile up and results might suffer. A tutor will keep your child on track and accountable by ensuring they don’t lose focus and follow timelines. Your child will learn to value time and cultivate a daily routine – learning valuable life skills. This will keep homework battles out of the way and you can enjoy precious family time without nagging about school work.  Win-win situation for you and your child!  You can pursue a hobby or do something fun together.

5. Confidence and Self-Esteem

Your child spends most of their waking hours at school. They plan their future careers and form life-long friendships at school. With increasing pressure and competition around exam results, your child can easily to lose their self confidence at school. Early private tuition will ensure your child feels well-prepared to face these academic challenges. A good tutor will help boost their confidence with solid preparation and regular homework/practice.

6. Improves Student- Tutor Relationship

A tutor is more than just a teacher to your child – a mentor and their personal cheerleader. A tutor is a role model who improves academic performance and offers emotional support to the student. Students feel safe to reveal their educational weaknesses and seek help from them. The tutor can only support your child after getting to know them properly. Starting tuition early in the year can establish a strong connection between them, enabling the tutor to assist the student more effectively.

Organising a tutor ahead of the school year is one of the best things you can do for your child. From academic progress to personal growth, the extra support that a tutor can provide will empower them to become confident and motivated students. Tutors can make a world of difference in a student’s life.

At OTAK Tuition we make sure students get competent and expert guidance from our carefully selected Tutors. Get started with us and find the best tutor for your child today!

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