Raising a Confident and Independent Learner

Tips on how to raise a confident and independent learner, what you need to do for your child, your child needs to be a good learner, what parents can do to help their child.

As parents, you want your children to perform well in school, but sometimes that can drive you to become overly involved in their school work. If you see that your child is having a hard time and struggling with their homework, you want to help them. However, giving them too much assistance can have adverse effects on their capabilities.

Have Faith in Your Child

Set your child free and give them room for exploration, where they can go about learning new things on their own. Everyone is different and there is no custom template that you must follow.

You should be supportive of what your child wants to achieve and believe in them. Furthermore, this makes them more confident about performing certain tasks even if you are not beside them.

This is applicable when you are helping your child with their homework. If you regularly help your child with their homework, they might get used to letting you do all the work.

Homework Routine

Children who have a fixed homework routine, which includes a specific time and place, are more successful in school. Sometimes, if you just let your child decide when they want to do their homework, at their whims and fancy, it can lead to procrastination. Having clear-cut guidelines on when and where they should do their homework makes them more productive learners.

Hire a Tutor if Necessary

A tutor can help coach students to work on goals that are realistic and even challenging. Most of the time, the best goals are the ones where students can apply their own strengths. However, a lot of students set goals based on the curriculum and exams, nothing beyond it and only for their learning deficits.

If the student lacks the drive to learn, help them think of learning goals that match their personal strengths. For instance, if the student is creative and has passion for the arts, you can ask them to create an illustration, poem, or song that describes their ambition. Tutors can be there to support the student as they become more aware of their strengths to set personal goals.

One thing you can do is to arrange for online tuition classes that can help your child academically whilst giving them space to learn independently.

Reward them For Their Efforts

Society is results-driven, and it is important to focus on the individual progress of your child, and not only on their performance compared to those around them.

You should compliment your children based on their work ethic. The personal tutors you hire  should do the same, as would the experienced and dedicated Tutors from the OTAK Online Tuition Platform. When their efforts are praised, the student pays more attention to improving themselves and doing their best. Not only will your child gain motivation, they will enjoy performing those tasks as well.

Your child looks up to you and will expect you to set a good example for them, but you should always guide and encourage them to think independently.

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