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Signs that Your Child is Spending Too Much Time on Social Media

The majority of children today are always engrossed with their devices such as too much TV, tablets, game consoles, and smartphones before they can even learn to play outside. Technology has become a huge part of life and parents can make it healthy for their child as well by teaching them how to use media …

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Benefits of Active Listening

Listening and hearing are not the same. Your body will normally hear sounds, but it needs mental action to understand what you are listening to. You can passively listen without paying attention or you actively listen, which is the foundation of building successful learning. In a class session, whether physical or virtual, active listening is …

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Strategies to Tackle Homework

In school, students are required to do a lot of things, and one of them is homework. Nobody really likes to do homework, but it is an important part of school. Homework can add stress and conflict into your daily routine. It is an excellent opportunity for students to learn and discover new things. As …

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The Benefits of Using Past Exam Papers to Study

Using past papers to study for an upcoming exam is an effective way to check how you will do in the next one. Just from doing the questions under limited time tells you if all your efforts are enough for you to pass. However, if you use past exam papers for preparation, you should also …

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Raising a Confident and Independent Learner

Tips on how to raise a confident and independent learner, what you need to do for your child, your child needs to be a good learner, what parents can do to help their child. As parents, you want your children to perform well in school, but sometimes that can drive you to become overly involved …

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Are you looking for Live 1 to 1 Online Tuition? You will find expert and experienced Tutors on the OTAK Tuition Platform. The OTAK Online Tuition Platform Enjoy an easy-to-use custom-built Whiteboard, video chat and messenger, upload files, download notes and bring up previous lesson notes, all without leaving the secure site. There are also …

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