Benefits of Active Listening

Listening and hearing are not the same. Your body will normally hear sounds, but it needs mental action to understand what you are listening to. You can passively listen without paying attention or you actively listen, which is the foundation of building successful learning.

In a class session, whether physical or virtual, active listening is very important. In the busy class environment, you can easily become distracted by what is happening around you while someone is talking. When you are attending your online tuition session, you should actively listen to your tutor.

Here are more benefits of active listening:

Academic Benefits

It is easy to surmise everything you can learn in a class if you really listen. There is a strong link between active listening and school success  Research supports that listening skills attribute to the grade point average. You should always listen in class because you will be more prepared for your exams and assignments. When you listen, you can easily catch the instructions, feedback, pointers, and hints that are used to make your assignment or test scores better.

Some Online classes might need you to listen to pre-recorded lectures but on the OTAK Online Tuition Platform, all classes are live with one to one interactions with a real Tutor.

Compassion and Empathy

Active listening is significant when you deal with problems, hardships, and challenges which can also happen in school. For instance, guidance counsellors in schools are good examples of active listeners who showcase compassion and empathy. When someone is having a hard time, you should know that the person is vulnerable, which is why actively listening to the person and understanding their needs is so important.

This is applicable in school as well because when you are showing empathy and compassion, it will be easy for you to relate to other people and learn from them. At the same time, you will be more self aware if you need help in a subject and be able to seek help from the dedicated Tutors on OTAK Tuition.

Builds Your Knowledge Base

You must always make room for learning, and you are developing a powerful skill by actively listening.  By focusing more in class, you can absorb and assimilate information so you can easily understand topics. From there, you will be able to remember more details of what was taught in class.

Active listening is useful when you are forming a strategy. This might mean applying your learning to shift your perspective towards a new direction or pursue improvement.  You can have better focus with active listening and this can improve your comprehension skills.  This will impact your school success. You can also use the knowledge you gained as capital for your future career.

If you still need help in school, you can rely on OTAK Online Tuition because although active listening is powerful, but may not enough to help you if you are having trouble understanding a concept.

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