The Benefits of Using Past Exam Papers to Study

Using past papers to study for an upcoming exam is an effective way to check how you will do in the next one. Just from doing the questions under limited time tells you if all your efforts are enough for you to pass. However, if you use past exam papers for preparation, you should also know that you cannot fully rely on just that to study. There are other study materials to use as well as 1 : 1 online tuition on the OTAK Tuition Platform where you can hire a tutor as and when you need help.  Help is only a click away!

Past exam papers can help you more than you can imagine, and this article will specifically tell you how.

You Will Get Used to the Test Structure and Language

You are most likely familiar with the vocabulary you learned in the classroom, but you should learn the language they use in exams based on past papers. This will lessen your stress because you will know how the test will be laid out.

Once you have done a few exams papers, you will know how the questions will be written and basically the entire layout of the test. This will help you prepare and boost you confidence before the exams.

Tests Your Knowledge

Studying is normally comprised of memorising dates, facts, formulas, and quotes, but testing yourself is the best way to check if you have retained all of that information.

Answering past exam papers helps you determine which topics you have mastered and figure out what you must focus on.

Time Management

It is best to practice how long you will need to complete the exam by timing yourself while answering past exam papers. You should be in a quiet area where no one will disturb you. The good thing about practicing this way is that you will know how long it will take you to answer each question. You can also ask a friend or sibling to act as an advisor while you study.

Helps You Apply Your Knowledge

Reading, memorising, and understanding your notes is only helpful to a certain extent. The exams test what you already know, and how you apply and understand that knowledge needs to be demonstrated. Your next exams can test you in almost the same way and the assessment materials are provided by the school.

Exams require you to solve problems, understand information, and perform arguments so it would be excellent to use past exam papers to practice what you have learned.

Analyse Your Answers

After you finished answering a practice exam paper, you can check your own work and use the marking scheme to analyse your performance.

When you do this, you will see which topics you have improved on and mastered as well as areas that you need to revise again. This way, you can work on your time management and keep practising before the exam day. You will become more confident in answering questions because you know how long it will take you to answer each question.

These are the benefits of how past exam papers can help you study for your exams.

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