– from Face to Face to Online Learning

Teaching has always been a passion for me. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to see how students light up with excitement when they grasp a new concept – that light bulb moment! Or staying compassionate and patient when they are challenged or frustrated trying to understand something difficult.

Over the past 18 months with the global pandemic and the need to shift to remote learning, I have learnt that this can still be achieved just as effectively via an online teaching-learning platform. Both teachers and students have had to adapt very quickly to this different mode of learning.  Teachers have to become more creative and innovative to continue to inspire and rejuvenate their learners.

What all the students are after is some support and guidance in their learning. Teaching lessons that are interactive and involve student participation via Online Learning platforms like OTAK assures the students that all their queries can still be answered. This encourages them to be comfortable enough to turn on their cameras and start participating in the learning, just as they would in a physical classroom.

I provide follow up worksheets for each class to reinforce and check their understanding of concepts taught in a lesson. I encourage the student to start part of the worksheet with me in class so that I can access their understanding and reinforce any concepts that they have not mastered. Then I get them to complete the rest of the work independently in their own time. This helps them build confidence and encourage independent learning.


I am a strong believer that, as a Tutor, I should check in with my student at the start of every lesson as this will show me how ready they are to learn, what their difficulties are and so much more.   With this I can then cater my lesson accordingly to make the session productive, for both the student and me.

A happy student is a strong learner!

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