Why 1 : 1 Personal Tuition works best?

Whilst your Child gains so much from formal and informal learning in school, there is a limit to how much one teacher can offer a classroom of students with various learning abilities, needs, strengths and challenges. This becomes harder when class sizes are larger.  There will be less attention given to each student.  Whether they are ahead of the class, become unmotivated and disruptive because the lesson is too easy.  Or they might feel frustrated because they can’t understand certain concepts and feel too embarrassed to ask. 

How can you support your Child’s learning?

1 : 1 –  the most effective ratio for your Child

The Tutor becomes a personal coach and cheerleader to encourage your Child to strive harder and improve their time management skills to become more confident and effective learners.

Online 1 :  1 Personal Tuition

Having the Tutor teach your Child in the comforts and safety of your own home takes away the pressure from busy parents.  Peace of mind because you can supervise your child’s learning and be more aware of what is happening in each class. Easy communication with the Tutor after each class to get feedback on your Child’s progress. Less time pressure as you are not stuck in traffic, driving your Child from class to class.

A Personal Tutor will be able to identify roadblocks in your Child’s learning and formulate strategies to re-build their confidence and reignite their passion for learning. They will help make learning more engaging and fun again.


The benefits of Online Personal Tuition

  • Convenient.
  • Nurturing learning environment.
  • Many experienced Tutors to choose from to suit your budget.
  • Save time and travel cost
  • Safe & comfortable environment to enhance learning.
  • Personalised attention to suit your Child’s learning style.
  • Tailor lesson plans to suit your Child’s individual progress
  • No distractions from other students in class
  • No stress of peer pressure in a competitive class setting.  
  • Encourages your Child to speak up and ask more questions to reinforce their learning

Invest in your Child’s learning and future!

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