Why Some Students Thrive in Online Learning

Everyone knows that learners experienced something very different during remote learning and teaching. Some students went through trauma, which is heart breaking. Others were frustrated because they lacked support that might come from being inside the classroom. A lot of learners deeply missed interactions with peers and teachers or outlets like participating in art, music classes, sports teams or clubs.

Distance learning is not a replacement for face-to-face classes because social connections are irreplaceable, and these skills are vital.  However, there are plenty of students who thrive in online learning.  They love the independence and the ability to work at their own pace.  No stress of competition and peer pressure. This is especially so with one to one online tuition!  The experienced Online Tutors on OTAK Tuition can provide this at affordable prices to suit each student’s needs and budget.

Here are some compelling reasons why many students excel in online learning:

Self-Pacing and Own Decision

Children benefit when they pace and choose to be at a rate that is best for them. Some children can sleep in and get more rest. They can choose what subject they want to start with after breakfast. There are times they look through their assignments and then decide on what they want to start with. They can rewind videos, re-read, and check their notes from their OTAK online tuition sessions in order to gain more understanding of what they are learning as well. Students enjoy working at their own pace and choose the order when working on assignments. It gives them more autonomy with their learning especially in secondary school to help them prepare for university life.

The Stakes have Changed

Teachers have focused on changing their expectations during the pandemic. With the home learning, structure and equality issues, a lot of school systems encourage teachers to be more aware of each student’s circumstances with the course and grading.

Some students like online learning because they have less pressure and can work at their own pace to understand difficult concepts.  The focus is shifting towards more holistic learning rather than rote learning for exams.

Mental Health is Prioritised

During the pandemic, the focus on mental health has increased.  There is more focus on individual students to improve their well-being. It will help them to recover from the effects of the pandemic. Some schools hire more clinicians and psychologists in order to screen students in terms of mental health.  This will help them process any pandemic trauma and adjust to the new normal. It also includes empowering students to learn at their own pace.  This is where One on One Online Tuition can help support each student’s strengths and weaknesses more fully.

Minimised Distractions

Even if a lot of learners are excelling in the classroom, there are some who benefit from being in a quieter space with very few distractions. There are learners who are overstimulated in the classroom, and others who want attention from their peers by making jokes and being disruptive. The truth is, there are more students who can settle in and can focus better on online learning because they have less distractions to deal with especially with one on one tuition. Teachers have noted that some learners are showing more quality work compared to being in a classroom.

Getting Enough Sleep

The performance of students is greatly affected by lack of sleep and exhaustion. During puberty, research has shown a shift in a teenager’s sleep wake cycles or circadian rhythms due to hormonal changes.

Parents can support their children as they adjust to these changes by organizing a schedule which will help them get enough rest and sleep.  This can be done by arranging online tuition sessions at time slots that suit them.  They can get the help they need without leaving home and spending time in traffic.

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