How to Make Online Tuition Classes More Engaging

If you are thinking of making your online tuition classes more interesting, but do not know where to start, then you have come to the right place. There are fun and engaging ways to make your student understand a session even if you are teaching a very difficult topic.

There is a tendency that your student will tune out when they lose their interest in the class and this is why you should add variety to your classes.

When you do it right, your online classes can be just as rewarding and engaging as physical classes. Here’s what you can do:

Make Sure That Your Technology is Stable

Among the most important decisions when you are shifting to virtual classes is using a robust and reliable technology that you can easily use. When you create a dynamic schedule and maximise engagement, you can use other software that allows secure and easy access, and allow users to listen to audio and watch videos. There are some innovative online tuition platforms that can complement your teaching sessions like OTAK Online Tuition. It has been recognized as one of best 5 Online Tuition platforms in Malaysia for 2022.

Tell the Student What They Can Expect

You must set expectations at the beginning of every session so that every participant is aware of what is happening. You must explain what you will do and what the protocol is. In general, keeping cameras on make people feel more engaged and involved. You must let everyone know that your class is interactive and that will make you stand out as an OTAK tutor. You must also explain how you will ask for their participation. Keep in mind that there are a lot of webinars and presentations out there that are passive, and let students know that yours will not bore them.

Find Out What Inspires Your Students

Similar to a face-to-face classroom, the main key in keeping online students engaged is to find out what they find inspiring and use that as their incentive to focus in class.

Regardless if you are teaching online or face to face, your mediums should be the same as what is used in physical classrooms.

Virtual Icebreakers

Icebreakers are great for building human connections, and they can useful when you are running online tuition. You should get the session going by starting with an icebreaker. You should create a game about the training topic and see what the students are already aware of, or encourage them to use a virtual background from their favorite show or movie, or something they love. This is an excellent way to start the conversation and settle their nerves.

Use Their Name

This is most likely the best piece of advice you can use. You should refer to your student by their first name throughout the entire session. This is helpful in establishing rapport and it also makes them pay attention. In case the student is not using their real name, ask them what their real name is so you can address them properly.

As an online tuition professional, make sure that your students are always engaged to get most out of the learning experience.

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