Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Online Tutor

So, you have made up your mind to find a tutor online for your child. However, you are unsure of how to start the process. You might be confused about how to hire the best online tutor because there seems to be quite a lot to choose from.

Coming to this decision is already an achievement and your child is lucky that you decided to hire an experienced online OTAK Tutor for them. In this article, you are going to learn about asking the right questions because you will not just hire someone right off the bat. OTAK Tuition has done the screening and interviews of their Online Tutors so that you can entrust them with your child. There is no exchange of details, contact numbers, addresses, bank accounts etc as everything from booking to learning is done on the safe and secure OTAK Online Tuition Platform.

Question 1 – How Will it Benefit my Child?

When talking about benefits you can get from Online Tuition services, you should never compromise.

Basically, you must be sure about the kind of value the Online Tutor needs to provide. For example, is your child going to start doing their homework regularly? In addition, you must check the resources provided by your child’s Online Tutor. Are they going to match your child’s learning style to support them better?

Parents will receive a feedback form from their OTAK Tutor after every session.  Parents can easily communicate with the Tutor securely through the Student Portal and/or the Parent Mobile App.

Question 2 -Do You Have Any Constraints – ease of communication?

For instance, do you have a comprehensive one stop online tuition platform like OTAK Tuition where you can find a wide range of Online Tutors to choose from for all subjects Or do you prefer a different tutor for specific topics or subjects? Will you be able to reach your tutor easily in case there are schedule changes?

This is important because sometimes, even if the tuition sessions are online, there can be sudden changes in your schedule or your child might need extra assistance on a certain subject. This is also beneficial if they need extra help to study for the exams. You want an online tutor who is versatile and at the same time easily accessible when you need them the most. This is where you need OTAK Tuition – an online marketplace where Tutors and Students can connect easily with a click of button.  From requesting a tutor to booking and making payment – everything is automated and seamless.

Question 3 – What is Your Teaching Method?

You have to be sure about the platform that they use for live and interactive online tuition, with one-on-one video sessions, like skype or zoom.

Are the animations, photos, drawing, and diagrams useful for the online classes? Please be sure about the setting that works best for you child’s learning needs. Aside from that, the focus of the tutor should be on your child. This will help your child become more comfortable and gain the most from each online tuition class.

On the OTAK Online Tuition Platform, the learning takes place on the interactive OTAK Whiteboard.  This   Whiteboard has been custom built for tutoring. Tutors and Students can see each other on video, message and co-annotate on the same canvas at the same time.

Tutors and Students don’t need to subscribe, download, setup or go in and out of different video conferencing tools like Zoom, MTeams or Google Meet and etc.

Question 4 – Can You Tell Me Your Credentials for the Specific Subject?

Credentials are not just about their academic achievements. The truth is, there are a lot of instances when qualified tutors face difficulties in managing students. For example, does the tutor support different curriculums, how long they have been tutoring etc.

Meet the experienced and dedicated OTAK Tutors. The prerequisite to become an OTAK Tutor is being passionate about education, teaching with great dedication and good interpersonal skills. OTAK Tuition goes through a two-tier evaluation system in onboarding their professional Tutors.

There is a 5 star ranking system for all OTAK Tutors, where Tutors are ranked by the Students.

You can ask other questions but do not forget these.

Register as a Student for FREE on and experience OTAK’s innovative Online Tuition Platform and interactive Whiteboard.

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