How to Improve Your Online Tuition Classes

Online Tuition has become more popular than ever due to the pandemic.

However, have you found resources that have techniques and tips that you can use for online teaching? You may want to create effective videos online but may also want to make online discussion boards engaging, but at the same time combine activities into your classes online that are diverse. Meanwhile, you should try to minimize and manage your time offline for bookings, accounts. collection etc so that you can focus on more productive hours for tutoring.  This is where OTAK Tuition can help with you the paperwork whilst you focus on what you do best – tutoring!

It is more challenging now because everything is online.  You need to find ways to connect to students and engage with them really well.

  • Do Not Think That You Have to be Online All the Time

Online Tutors can feel pressured to be online all the time. Hence, they might feel that they should be ready all the time and available when students are online. This sets unrealistic expectations for yourself, and you can easily burnout with online fatigue. OTAK Tuition will send you notifications when students request for your services or when a class is booked.  OTAK Tuition has automated the whole process from booking to scheduling and calendars, from payments to collections. Tutors can enjoy better work life balance with OTAK Tuition doing all the background work for you.

  • Build Personal Connections with Students

Instead of just introducing yourself, you should consider doing a student survey. Then they might be encouraged to share more about themselves, their strengths, weaknesses and what they need

Putting out surveys provides a lot of insights into the current circumstances of your students. It helps understanding the motivation of students to booking your class, and their expectations during the class, their areas of interest, and the support that they will find useful.


  • Motivate and Engage Your Students

Some Tutors find it difficult to motivate students beyond the classroom. Extrinsic motivators like certificates or badges are useful, but also intrinsic motivation. You should remind students to look at the big picture behind the homework, assignments, and exams. You should expand their skills.  This will serve as a launch pad for their studies in the future or broadening their knowledge base. Breakdown the tasks into smaller segments. With effective Online Tuition, students will be able shift from content consumption to production, work on assignments and then leverage their digital skills.


  • Set Boundaries and Schedule

In any Tuition settings, it is important to have schedules and boundaries. This is especially true for Tutors who teach online.  As an Online Tutor, you should set up specific time limits for you to establish boundaries for the students you teach.

You should check your tutoring calendar and block out time every day for some personal time.


These tips will help you improve the effectiveness of your online tuition classes.

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