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Study Secrets of High Achievers

Achieving excellent grades requires a lot of planning and great study strategy. If you want to achieve academic excellence, you should be dedicated to your goal. Hard work, determination, and perseverance are all important factors if you want to succeed in school. However, not all study techniques are effective because some of them are proven …

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Raising a Confident and Independent Learner

Tips on how to raise a confident and independent learner, what you need to do for your child, your child needs to be a good learner, what parents can do to help their child. As parents, you want your children to perform well in school, but sometimes that can drive you to become overly involved …

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Last-Minute Tips for SPM

Panicking and cramming before your SPM exam are never effective if you want to score high. Aside from that, there is no guarantee that putting yourself under pressure will always work. Exam periods can cause you stress and trauma, regardless of how many times you have experienced it. If your scores are not consistently high …

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Why Choose OTAK Tuition?

Are you looking for Live 1 to 1 Online Tuition? You will find expert and experienced Tutors on the OTAK Tuition Platform. The OTAK Online Tuition Platform Enjoy an easy-to-use custom-built Whiteboard, video chat and messenger, upload files, download notes and bring up previous lesson notes, all without leaving the secure site. There are also …

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Why 1 : 1 Personal Tuition works best?

Whilst your Child gains so much from formal and informal learning in school, there is a limit to how much one teacher can offer a classroom of students with various learning abilities, needs, strengths and challenges. This becomes harder when class sizes are larger.  There will be less attention given to each student.  Whether they …

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Guiding your child at a young age may just make all the difference to their educational journey. Maybe your child just needs to learn how to approach a math problem or improve reading and writing skills to gain confidence in school. Or it could be time management or revision tips? Getting that little bit of …